Diabetes Blog Week: Day 5 Faves

2010 May 15
by christopher

Wow, exercise really brought out people’s personalities.  I feel like I learned a lot about people reading their exercise posts (I’m glad I went back and did it!) and as a result, I have more faves than usual (and really should have more than this, but then it would just be like the list on Karen’s blog of all of them).

Speaking of Karen, she makes my first fave, because her post is just a list of excuses, which wouldn’t be quite so funny except SHE CAME UP WITH THE TOPIC so she didn’t have to put herself on the spot like that.

Next, Amy at DiabetesMine has to get a mention, for writing the way I think so many of wish we felt, and by throwing in some nice practical advice (esp for pumpers).  But come on? 2 gyms? I can barely come up with enough excuses not to go to ONE gym.

Jeff Mather’s back on the list for his description of exercising by default– he loves his bike, and if it happens to also be good for him, well, he won’t complain.

The Ninjabetic would have made the list just for using the phrase “first class ass” but his story has an ending even more touching than that was funny, so check it out.

Layne at semi-charmed life’s Wild Card entry for her diabetic blooper is worth a visit.

I really enjoyed Princess Mikkimoto’s run down of her numerical obsession, and so I put her in the top 8.  Maybe 7.  9?  4?

Finally, the Conscious Diabetic lays it out plain and simple.  5 reasons to exercise. Bookmark and revist.

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